The European Federation of Public Caterers, FoodServiceEurope, held its annual general assembly in Budapest as a guest of VIMOSZ. The participants of the assembly were informed by Lajos Bognár, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for food chain supervision, about the details of the development of the Hungarian public procurement regulation of public catering and the goals to be achieved. After a discussion on the subject, the participants welcomed the opportunities offered by the new regulation. Guest speaker Wim Debeuckelaere, representing the EU Commission, informed about the ongoing public debate on the Sustainable Food Systems Framework, which will close on 21 July, and indicated that the relevant legislation could be in place by the second half of 2023. The FoodServiceEurope membership also intends to be an active player in the Farm to Table programme. The presentations from the member countries showed that the accelerated food inflation and the extreme increase in energy and labour costs are a major problems for all of them. This is a major problem, because price adjustments, mostly in public procurement contracts, have been inflexible everywhere. A new inflation calculation methodology is now being negotiated in France and the Prime Minister’s office has already sent a circular to municipalities calling for more flexibility in the management of public catering contracts. The federation is looking for a solution to reduce food prices. The Alliance also elected a new vice-president in Budapest in the person of Anne-Laure Descleves, Deputy Chief Communications Officer of Elior, formerly Head of Communications at Eurotunnel.