Pact for Next Tourism Generation Skills project

The PANTOUR project is the continuation of the Next Tourism Generation Alliance – NTG, a four-year project launched by the European Commission in 2022 to boost innovation in order to implement the European Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skills Plan.

The consortium includes 13 partners from 11 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain), Hungary is represented by VIMOSZ.
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Project partners

PANTOUR objectives

The knowledge acquired by the partnership through the NTG project will provide the necessary tools and conditions for the successful implementation of the Blueprint Strategy. The consortium aims to develop innovative and collaborative solutions to address skills needs by developing outcomes such as:

  • Sectoral skills-monitoring tool

  • Skills Lab

  • Background material for teachers

  • Support for the activities of National Skills Groups

  • Skills Strategy Plan 2026-2036

  • Re- and up-skilling of workforce to focus on future skills needs

  • Public and private education institutions can benefit from new innovative content and teaching methods on basic skills

  • Results – reach 10 million people in Europe

The 2024 Hungarian PANTOUR Country Skills Profile Report

The 2024 Hungarian PANTOUR Country Skills Profile Report presents an in-depth exploration of Hungary, providing a detailed overview of its tourism sector, identifying skills gaps, requirements, and the capabilities of its workforce. This essential document serves as a customized tool for enterprises, policymakers, governmental authorities, employers, workers, and educational establishments, empowering them with the knowledge necessary to understand the existing skill landscape and devise well-informed strategies for enhancing workforce development.
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