Our sister organisation, DEHOGA, announced the restructuring of vocational training in the sector with a lot of press. They are also trying to make the profession more attractive with modern online access to information that makes the sector more likeable. The content of training has been changed to adapt it to the new framework conditions, training profiles have been strengthened, the entire training structure has been revised and the examination methodology updated. A new profession has been created as a kitchen technician with a two-year training course. The training content focuses on digitalisation, sustainability and teamwork. The whole transformation is believed to have created a new galaxy of opportunities for trainees and trainers alike. The whole new system is being promoted with the emphasis on tourism and hospitality as an interesting world of training and work for those involved in it, far from the grey office days of the past, with the diversity of the hospitality industry. All this is promoted in a modern, attractive online environment. DEHOGA is of the opinion that a successful future can be built on good training.