The past two years have been very difficult for the tourism sector and now that the war in Ukraine and the livelihood crisis are adding to the pressure, conditions are still far from ideal. But Mediterranean resorts are hoping for a bountiful season. Among them is the island of Santorini in Greece, which can accommodate up to 50,000 visitors at a time in its more than 400 hotels at peak times. According to local hoteliers, the 2022 season has already started well and exceeded expectations, despite a large number of cancellations in the first days of the war in Ukraine. But now, they sadly admit, tourists seem to have forgotten the war. Popular with Greeks, Santorini attracts many American, British and French tourists. Cruise ships are also back and the island is looking for new markets to increase the number of visitors. Tourism is the island’s only major industry and is not only important for hospitality chains and luxury hotels, Santorini still has many families making a living from the sector. According to the owner of a local taverna, the season has started well, but he is still concerned about the impact of the rising cost of living. “I bought a product, a wine, for €8 last week, today I have to pay €10, next week €12 or €14. How will I make a living?” He fears that if electricity bills remain high, many small businesses will close.