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International news

Burning shortage

Despite the looming economic downturn, the IAB research institute reported that there are 1.93 million job vacancies in Germany, up 11% on the first quarter and 66% more than in the second quarter of last […]

Record occupancy in Europe

Heatwaves and inflation have failed to deter travelers across Europe this summer, with guests returning to short-term rentals in droves. July in Europe saw 48.9 million guest nights, up 7.9% on July 2019. According to […]

The grass is not so green after all

There are more and more reports of possible economic volatility and possibly recession. The share price of the cruise company Carnival Cruise has fallen victim to this. Last week it reported that its second-quarter figures […]

The Great Resignation

Boris Tomic, editor-in-chief of the German trade publishing company DFV, has written an opinion piece on the labour situation. He summarises that the hotel and catering sector is experiencing a surge in visitors after the […]

Travelling across Europe without planes

If you don’t want to holiday on your balcony, you have to travel by car, train or plane. Flying to your holiday destination is controversial, at least in some parts of society. This is symbolised […]

Mass tourism is back in Barcelona – so is the conflict

Visitors are once again flooding the narrow streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter as worldwide travel booms again. Tensions over mass tourism are flaring up again in the Spanish port city. According to the Barcelona Hotel […]

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