Travel agents, hoteliers, caterers, festival organisers and representatives of event venues discussed the current challenges of the sector at the professional day entitled “Restarting in the name of quality”, organised by Turizmus Kft. and our association in the framework of the Travel exhibition at Hungexpo. In his opening speech, Gál Pál Zoltán, President of VIMOSZ, highlighted the most urgent problem of the sector, which is the lack of tens of thousands of blue-collar workers, but also the lack of thousands of middle and senior managers. For the sector’s direct and indirect contribution to GDP to reach the 30% target set in the National Tourism Development Strategy by 2030, 600,000 workers would be needed, while the labour shortage is currently only being alleviated by temporary factors. The ageing workforce, labour shortages and soaring commodity and energy prices could even lead to the extreme situation where domestic holidays become a luxury in some national destinations. According to our association, the solution to this situation can be found by increasing added value, introducing new technologies, increasing the emphasis on training, as well as retaining the team and attracting professionals back. Read a detailed report here.