Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, described by Rolling Stone as one of the biggest cultural moments of the decade, has many lessons for event organisers. Swift’s fans, ‘Swifties’, draw huge crowds to UK stadiums and the tour offers a number of fascinating elements that all event organisers can learn from. The first and most important lesson is the impressive production. With 11 albums, Taylor Swift has dedicated a special section of the show to each of them, with unique stage sets and costumes. Storytelling and interesting use of technology are key to captivating the audience. Another important element is creating viral social media moments. Key social media moments at events ensure wide reach and event memorability. The example of Taylor Swift shows that by engaging audiences and creating shareable moments, events can create greater resonance. A VIP guest list and celebrity appearances can add an extra element of visibility to the event. The presence of influencers and celebrities adds to the prestige and appeal of the event. Finally, the power of reinvention is also an important lesson. Taylor Swift’s tour is a reminder that the secret to long-term success is staying relevant and constantly evolving. Events must adapt to a changing environment while remaining true to their core values (C&IT).