Lobby Achievements

The Hungarian Hospitality Employers’ Association (VIMOSZ) is the “voice” of tourism and catering business, the legal representative association of tourism employers towards government and decision makers.
In partnership with our co – associations we had some fruitful initiatives through the years. Some of our main lobby cases and achievements:
• Conclusion of the Sectoral Collective Agreement between employee and employer side in 1997. The Agreement was extended to the whole country in 2001 by the competent Minister
• Travel agencies won’t have a competitive disadvantage against the EU competitors concerning of the VAT treatment of the package travels – common achievement with MUISZ (Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies)
VAT decrease of accomodations from 18% to 5% from 2020 – common achievement with MSZÉSZ (Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association)
VAT decrease of restaurants from 27% to 5% (in two steps)
Amendment of the Public Catering Act (EMMI Decree 37/2014. (IV.30)), which includes mandatory, mainly food-based standards for caterers
• Participation in the development of the Hungarian Good Hygiene Practice Guide