Together with our EU NTG Alliance project partners, we were among the first to sign and endorse the official Pact for Skills (PfS) on 31 January. With the support of the Commission, the tourism industry, European tourism umbrella organizations, VET providers, and trade unions have established a major skills development partnership for the EU tourism ecosystem. The members of the partnership have agreed on concrete commitments and indicators to support those working in the sector to acquire new skills in the coming years. One of the Partnership’s targets is to increase training and retraining activities and participation by 40% for the employed and 80% for the unemployed by 2025. As the EU tourism ecosystem has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in skills is essential to maintain competitiveness, meet the sector’s economic and social responsibilities and enable the digital and green transition. The main objective of the Pact is to mobilize resources and encourage all partners concerned to take concrete actions to improve the skills and retraining of the workforce.