EU Member States and lawmakers will meet on 15 November to discuss the rules for Airbnb. These will be similar to the Commission’s proposal. This softer approach, as opposed to the tougher rules against the giant company, aims to harmonise the different legal frameworks for regulating Airbnb and similar businesses across the 27 EU countries. These require short-term accommodation companies to provide data on the number of people using their services and the number of nights they spend. The authorities can monitor these systems and impose fines for non-compliance. The meeting will focus on technical details, which are unlikely to prevent agreement. Some oppose Spain’s proposal to ban Airbnb in certain areas and impose registration fees. Airbnb says EU-wide and uniform regulation would be a milestone for short-term rentals. Meanwhile, in Italy, €779 million worth of enforcement proceedings are pending against Airbnb for failing to pay the 21% tax on €3.7 billion of turnover between 2017 and 2021. (The Italians also have a €94 million payment obligation to Booking for VAT not declared and paid between 2013 and 2021.) (Skift)